Elasticity that does not leave wrinkles after installation even after repeated reuse 

Can be washed with water without color loss when contaminated

Detailed graphic quality that reproduces the monitor screen as it is 

Seamless discharge up to 3.2m in width

Table throw

Round table

Table runner

Stretch table throw

Exhibition booth Backwall전시부스 백월

Velcro finish

Eyelet finish

Normal finish

Tension Fabric System

- Convenient portability and portability, the most widely used portable X's flagship product 

- Tube-shaped ultra-light aluminum pipe structure 

- Various use for small exhibition booths, photo zones, webinars, and showroom interiors

Popup Plus System

- Portable X's system that can replace woodworking or block booths 

- Fabrication of various types of structures by combining square modular frames 

- Used to build small and medium-sized exhibition booths, pop-up stores, showrooms, etc.

Vic Frame System

- Portable X's large frame type system

- Combine prints into a square frame and hang them on a wall or use them as a stand

- Used for retail store sign banners, banners in exhibition booths, etc.

for over 100 companies for 30 years

Overseas Exhibition Specialist

In the background of Portable X, 

there are experts who have accumulated experience 

and know-how in overseas exhibitions for 30 years. 

PortableX continues to evolve based on 

the experience of consulting over 100 companies 

on what is needed and where value comes from.

To make a better product

Continued research and effort

PortableX's R&D center does not go out. 

 We always think about better products 

and better designs. 

 The eco-bag project that upcycles using 

waste fabric is a small part of this commitment.

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